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Wake Up and Smell the Air Pollution

2019 seemed to be the year when people woke up and smelt the dirty air pollution, so to speak.

We saw headlines in the news, protests in the streets, climate change activist Greta Thunberg taking centre stage at global summits and a definite shift in the perception of individuals and businesses to tackle the almighty challenge of reducing global carbon output.

A YouGov report found that most countries believe that we are all responsible for combating climate change that includes businesses, government and individuals.[1] The exceptions were Germany and Norway, where 54% of respondents said that individuals have little to no power to combat climate change.

In the UK, the general consensus is that we need to be doing much more to tackle climate change. Many reports suggest that the Government’s plans are not radical enough to make real change and many individuals and businesses are making their own pledges to do their bit.

Whatever your view is on this incredibly divisive topic, something that’s become increasingly evident to us working within the renewable energy is the power of technology when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, particularly when it comes to big businesses.

Whether it’s the adoption of cloud-based solutions which allows businesses to go paperless or offering remote working and cycle to work schemes meaning that less people drive their cars to work. Businesses are readdressing their use of plastics and the way they power their operations. The transport sector plays a significant role in the generation of carbon emissions and here technology is advancing rapidly including the electrification of vehicles, connectivity to make fleets and transportation more economic and more. It is inspiring to see such creative and innovative solution being born by working together for such an important cause.

Many of our clients are forward thinking businesses who genuinely want to make a difference. The positive for them is that not only are they helping the environment, most are saving significant amounts of money on fuel, so the benefits are being felt all round.

We’ve been working with business across a range of sectors providing them with mobile and off grid power solutions. Our clients in the fleet industry have reduced their environmental impact by getting rid of air and noise polluting generators. Their vehicles are now lighter and use less fuel plus, our Lithium Power Supply increases fleet capacity by reducing the time it takes to set up equipment.

The emergency services, supermarket food delivery vehicles and film production companies have also seen significant benefits by working with us. Our compact, high performance power systems are extremely versatile in their uses and benefits.

It’s not just commercial businesses that are reaping the rewards of the LPS system, our leisure division is growing fast. We’re introducing people to a new way of camping, completely off grid! The LPS fits seamlessly into campervans, motorhomes and caravans and allows campers to power all their electronic appliances at once, without the engine running. It takes camping to a whole new level.

So, whether you’re the owner of a small or large business or you simply want to do more to reduce your carbon impact the LPS is the perfect solution for you.

Visit our website for more information or get in touch if you’d prefer to speak to our team directly call +44 (0)292 240 9396.