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Photography & Film: Motion 24

James from Motion24:

From Day 1 our company has been all about innovation whether that’s building and developing our own products within the film industry or drawing inspiration and bringing in incredibly innovative products from other industries into our own.

Here’s where Clayton Power UK came in…

Their incredibly innovative and high performance mobile power systems fit in perfectly with our company ethos, we are all about delivering compact, efficient and time saving solutions to our clients.

But in an ever demanding industry where time is in short supply, expectations are continually being raised and the competition is ever intensifying traditional technology within the mobile power systems market was simply not keeping pace with our requirements.

We were actively seeking a more compact modular solution that was simple to use but offered a vast feature set, after equipping our first Van with one it created a Domino effect…our staff loved it, our clients loved it and we began to build our business off of the reliability and high performance these units offered.

Slowly but surely we began to find new ways to incorporate their system we have some vans with single units, one van with “twin power supplies”….and now our tracking vehicle partners have even included them as their central power units to power cameras, stabilized remote heads and even motorised crane arms on top of a Porsche Cayennes Roof.

As time has progressed their relentless innovation and incredible customer service has never failed to impress us, we are loyal customers and will continue to be for a long time yet.