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United Utilities

United Utilities are a National business who service 3 million homes and 200,000 businesses across the North West region. They strive to work in a way that protects the environment and a large part of this was to improve the way they operated their fleet of hundreds of vehicles.

They were struggling to find a solution to their onboard auxiliary power problems which included:

  • Taking up a huge amount of space meaning less room for equipment and tools
  • Lengthy installation times which were impacting the productivity of the business
  • Unable to provide power without the vehicle idling which uses fuel and produces air pollution.

We worked closely with the team at United Utilities to understand the issues they were facing and how best we could solve them.

For us, it was fairly simple. The LPS Power system is easy to install and both light weight and compact. This overcame two of their problems almost instantly because there would be minimal impact to the business with such a short installation time and the size of the system gave back 3ft of usable space within the vans and reduced the on board weight.

We brought their auxiliary power system up to date and compatible with EURO 6 Specifications and the onboard system provides an autonomous power supply without the need for the engine running.

United Utilities are saving roughly 4 hours of idle time per day, per van which equates to 8 litres of diesel and £9.76 in cost per van, per day.

Equally as impressive, each van reduced its carbon output by 21.44kg per day! A fantastic saving for both the business and the environment.